February 11, 2017


WEP stands for Women Empowerment Program. This scheme aims to empower women in Nigeria to be entrepreneurs, knowing the challenges of raising the children and supporting the family.

Who does this program apply to?

All women (employed, unemployed, self-employed) all over Nigeria.

How does this work?

After registration and approval by our team, you will be assigned a ‘Trading mentor’. This mentor will guide you through all the processes that will be involved. Your trading mentor will help you in identifying different products and services which you can buy and sell within your locality. Some of these products will be sourced for internationally, procured on your behalf and delivered to you.  Factors such as peculiarity of your location, social class, budget etc. will be considered  in advising you on products you can buy or services you can render. Your trading mentor will also show/teach you how you can leverage the use on online platforms such as Jumia, Konga, Olx, Jiji, Nairaland etc.. to better improve/meet your sales target. If need be, your ‘Trading Mentor’ will help you create and manage accounts on these online platforms and then help in managing them (certain fees applies).

The good thing about this program is that you can make money from the comfort of your home.

To register for this program, complete the form below:

If your submission is accepted, one of our Trading Mentors will be assigned to you and you can then begin trading.

How do I turn my idea into a business?

For women who already have certain passion/ideas on what they intend doing (products to sell/service to render), but don’t know how to, our trading mentors will be readily available to guide you.

Some products you can sell…

There are several thousands on products (ranging from consumer electronics, fashion items, baby products, automobile products etc) that can be traded online.Our trading consultants will help you identify fast moving products that will sell quickly

Estimated Profit you can make?

It strictly depends on you. From our experience as entrepreneurs though, you can make over a 100% on your investments.

Our Service Fee

Kindly note that a service fee may be applicable. This will vary based on the additional service we will be rendering e.g. managing an online store on your behalf, building a website for your business etc.