How to begin trading on Konga

You can begin making money online by selling your goods on Konga. For guide on which goods you can begin selling read our article on ‘How to begin importing goods from China for local sales‘. Before you begin selling, there are a few things to take note of:

  1. Konga is a multi-vendor e-commerce platform. This implies you have different sellers selling on the platform.
  2. It is COMPLETELY FREE to begin training on Konga. However, there are commissions that apply to EVERY SALES. There are also monthly subscriptions that applies depending on the commission rates. Read more on Konga commission rates/monthly subscription here.
  3. You have to obligation to fulfill every order that is placed on your store. You do this by dropping off the order at any of the Konga centers all over Nigeria.
  4. Konga delivers the order to the customer, receives payment, and remits to you (less commission) after a specified interval (usually 3-7days).

Now to the steps involved to begin trading on Konga:

  • Register of the Seller Platform: Visit and complete the form.
  • After email verification, you can login here:
  • After login, upload the required documents (profile picture, identification card etc.)
  • Download the Merchant Orientation Form here:
  • You will be required to complete an online test to test based on the orientation form.
  • After successfully completing the test, send email to informing them that you have completed the processes required
  • You will then be scheduled to attend a training at Konga’s office in Ikeja (usually holds on a Saturday).
  • It is only after completing the training that your store will be enabled to begin ‘Listing Products’. (NO LONGER APPLIES)

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