How to begin importing goods from China to Nigeria for local sales

Most of the goods sold locally on online platforms such as Kong/Jumia are sourced from China.The most popular platform for shopping from China include: Aliexpress/Alibaba.

The are two main methods that are used by importers. You will likely be using ‘Method B’ due to the speed of delivery.

Method A

  1. Order online on Aliexpress/Alibaba
  2. Ship Directly to Nigeria
  3. Pickup at the the closest post office
  4. May require little settlement at the post office.
  5. May take between -15 days

Method B

  1. Order Online or contact supplier directly
  2. Talk to the supplier about delivery to Chinese address (through China Agents)
  3. Supplier ships to China Agent
  4. China Agent confirms receipt & then ships to Nigeria
  5. Pickup at Nigeria office of China agent
  6. Will take 48-72hrs (for express) or 7-10days (for normal delivery)

China Agents are freight forwarding companies who could help ship your orders from China to Nigeria. You can then go to their Nigeria office.

What can you buy?

There are thousands, probably millions of products that can be sold. Lookout for ANY item that will be PROFITABLE/LIGHTWEIGHT.

Sourcing for the RIGHT product (look at key sectors of the economy – Education, Health, Finance) at the RIGHT PRICE is the foundation to having profitable sales.

If you have decided on WHAT YOU WANT TO SELL, and you are trying to get it at the best price, we can be of help.

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